What on Earth!!

Updated: Jun 23, 2019

What on Earth are we doing to our planet?

Isn't it time we all took action against the catastrophe that's heading our way. You must have heard of Greta Thunberg and the powerful speeches she's made about climate change. Why does it take one 16 year old to do what the politicians and powers of our countries should be doing. We need to act now to eliminate the scourge we and the generations before us have given our children and the future generations. What a legacy!!

We all need to start doing our bit to help save our world from the destruction we are causing at the moment.

"Well what can I do" say 20 billion people. "I'm only one person". As a collective we can all do something.

Try not to by goods wrapped in plastic

Only use your car when necessary

Look at ways you can re-use single use plastic

Before you throw anything away, ask yourself can I re-use this in some way? Could I give it to a charity shop? Could someone else re-use it?

Go on YouTube and type in uses for plastic bottles. You will come up with an array of hundreds of uses for plastic bottles. So do you really need throw that single use bottle away?

About Me
I think like many others I've been conscious of the impact we're having on our planet for many years now. 
We see images of ice caps melting.
Of our oceans been swamped by plastic and the devastation this is having on our wildlife. 
We see people surviving on very little, with no real income. 
We see rain forests being depleted at an alarming rate.
I felt in my own small way I needed to start taking action. 
I started looking for recycled products and ethically produced products on the internet.
I always take re-usable shopping bags in my handbag. You can get ones that squash up into tiny spaces, so they don't take much room. 
I take my own small bags to the greengrocers for produce. 
These are just a few of the small steps I've taken.
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