Our Earth 


We only have one home and that's the Earth we live on. We need to look seriously at ways to protect it before it's too late.

We don't inherit the earth from our ancestors we are just borrowing it from our children.

We need to protect it for their futures..

So what 'On Earth' can we do?

I read a comment once, the comment was 'well it's only one straw said 2 billion people'. This made a big impact on me. If each one of us makes small changes to our lives, this can have a massive impact on the earth as a whole.

You don't need to be an


Ask yourself these questions?

  • Did i take my own bags to the supermarket, or did I purchases anther plastic bag?

  • Do I buy my green grocery products in plastic, or do I take my own bags?

  • Do I really need to put a large vegetable such as a cauliflower  in a plastic bag?

  • Do I really need to jump in the car to go to the shop that's 5 minutes away?

These are just a very few examples of what we should be asking ourselves. We need to be conscious each time we buy a product or jump in our car, of the impact we're having on our beautiful earth.

Our Children


Don't our children deserve a better future, that's free from pollution. Where they can swim in a plastic free ocean. Where they can breathe clean, fresh air. 

Don't we have a duty to protect our Earth for future generations?

I urge you to watch the video below. It's stark, it's frightening but it's real.


We all need to take a stand against climate change and plastic pollution. We can't just leave this to a 16 year old girl to cajole our politicians to do something about it. 

What have you bought this week?


. What are we doing about our carbon footprint?

Are we using locally sourced products, where possible?

Are we using sustainable products?

Can what we're using be re-used, up-cycled or re-cycled?

We need to be asking ourselves these questions about everything we use, throw away or buy. 

If you're throwing something away, because you no longer have use for it ask yourself.

Can it be given to someone who might be able to make use of it?

Can it be re-used or up-cycled?

Can it be re-cycled?

What about a charity shop?


If you are buying something new ask yourself?

Do I really need or want this?

What happens if i don't buy it?

Should I give myself a week to see if I still want it then?

Could i get this at a charity or second hand shop?

Could I buy one that's been previously owned.

Everybody like to get something new or buy and receive gifts. But I feel if we start asking ourselves questions then we'll not only hopefully, reduce our waste, but we'll also save ourselves some money.

Ask yourself, what did I buy 3 months ago that I really had to have and that I'm still using now?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not perfect and I've done the same as many others in buying things I don't really need.  


About Me
I think like many others I've been conscious of the impact we're having on our planet for many years now. 
We see images of ice caps melting.
Of our oceans been swamped by plastic and the devastation this is having on our wildlife. 
We see people surviving on very little, with no real income. 
We see rain forests being depleted at an alarming rate.
I felt in my own small way I needed to start taking action. 
I started looking for recycled products and ethically produced products on the internet.
I always take re-usable shopping bags in my handbag. You can get ones that squash up into tiny spaces, so they don't take much room. 
I take my own small bags to the greengrocers for produce. 
These are just a few of the small steps I've taken.
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